Companion Double Monument

“A Monument is a true reflection of a life well lived.”

Styles of Companion Double Monuments

Companion double monuments come in various styles to reflect the unique personalities and preferences of the individuals they commemorate. Here are some popular styles:

Upright Companion Double Monuments

Upright monuments are the most traditional style, featuring two side-by-side markers on a shared base. They offer ample space for inscriptions and decorative elements, making them a popular choice for families.

Slant Companion Double Monuments

Slant monuments have a sloped front, providing a distinct appearance and easier readability of inscriptions. This style combines the elegance of upright monuments with a more modern look.

Flat Companion Double Markers

Flat markers are set flush with the ground, offering a sleek and unobtrusive option. They are ideal for cemeteries with regulations on marker height and provide a subtle yet dignified memorial.

Memorial Accessories for Companion Double Monuments

To enhance the beauty and personalization of companion double monuments, various accessories can be added. Ohio Monuments offers a range of memorial accessories, including:

Granite Benches

Granite benches can be placed near the monument, providing a space for visitors to sit and reflect. These benches can also be inscribed with meaningful messages or quotes.

Custom Engravings

Custom engravings, such as portraits, religious symbols, or special motifs, can be added to the monument to reflect the individuals’ lives and passions.

Bronze Vases

Bronze vases can be integrated into the monument design, allowing families to place fresh flowers as a tribute. These vases add a touch of elegance and personalization.

Frequently Asked Questions about Companion Double Monuments

What are companion double monuments?

Companion double monuments are memorials designed to honor two individuals, typically placed side by side. They symbolize the lasting bond between the individuals and provide a shared space for their memorialization.

How do I choose the right style for a companion double monument?

Choosing the right style depends on personal preferences, cemetery regulations, and the desired appearance. Ohio Monuments offers various styles and works closely with families to select the most fitting option.

Can companion double monuments be customized?

Yes, companion double monuments can be fully customized with different designs, inscriptions, and accessories. Ohio Monuments collaborates with families to create a unique and personalized tribute.

Are companion double monuments allowed in all cemeteries?

While most cemeteries allow companion double monuments, it’s important to check with the specific cemetery for any regulations or restrictions. Some cemeteries have guidelines on the size and style of monuments permitted.